For HP 15-N 15-N017AX DA0U92MB6D0 A10-4655M 737138-501 737138-001 Laptop Motherboard Fully Tested 100% Working OK

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737138-501 737138-001 laptop motherboard


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Product Description  

For HP 15-N 15-N017AX DA0U92MB6D0 A10-4655M 737138-501 737138-001 Laptop Motherboard Fully Tested 100% Working OK

1)Part number: 737138-501
2)Model number: FOR HP 15 Laptop Motherboard
3)Good packing
4)100% tested before delivery
5)Sending: within 1-2 days after your payment
This product is a refurbished, Original system board, and is 100% functional. We offer a 55-Day Warranty on this product. Please click the link below for an easy, no hassle return process. We will do our best to ship your purchase the same day if paid for by 2pm PST or the next business day. Motherboards are part number specific; please make sure to match the part number of the motherboard you are replacing with the one your are purchasing.
Please note: 
Motherboards are part number specific. You must order by the exact part number of the motherboard you are replacing; this is required in order to avoid returns, delays and restocking fees. You can NOT go by the model or serial number alone! We obtain cross reference and compatibility information from the manufacturer (as well as other various sources); while we do this to the best of our ability, we do not guarantee its accuracy. If you are unsure, please check with your laptop manufacturer. Please order, based on the part number only!
Before buying:
If you have some special requirements. please inform me when you order item.
Regulation and suggestion:
1) Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. 
2) If you choose Hong Kong post air mail or by Hong Kong post parcel or by China post air mail or by China
post air parcel. They will take longer time than EMS and other express way and you can not track your goods online, but that is why it is at this brilliant price! 
3) If you want to chose economy shipping ways like china post air mail etc, it is usually take 28-40 days .I suggest you’d better chose EMS , because china post air mail and hk post air mail service very poor that usually lost parcel and delay. Sometimes take 1-2month .if you chose HK POST and china post air mail cause the product broken .this is buyer’s responsibility. I can’t refund money. When you chose shipping ways please consider carefully.
4) If DHL or UPS. when you are live in remote area. DHL or ups will charge extra fee, i will inform you as soon as possible. If you can’t answer me within 3 days .I will change shipping ways to EMS
HP 737138-501 737138-001 15-N 15-N017AX DA0U92MB6D0 A10-4655M 8670M


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Those model numbers just a part of our stock ,we also have other brands and models.If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss an order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to establishing long term relationships with our clients.
International Buyers Please Note:
To help to avoid compatibility issues when purchasing any motherboard, please make sure the part number advertised is the exact part number on your original motherboard.  There are many different configurations for the same series and models. Just because your model of computer is mentioned in the listing it does not ensure that this item will work with your unit. 
Returning policy:
1) Full warranty against any defective product        
2) Refund is for the product price only        
3) Handling, postage and shipping charges are not refundable.         
4) Defective product must be returned within 30 days of original arrival date.      
5) Refund or replacement will be arrange after receipt of the returned item       
6) Buyer must return item at his/her own cost
Testing procedure: 
We have our own professional engineer team and repair service for you, supplying products with high quality,good appearance and reasonable price. Before delivery, we have the following tests:
      1. Check the appearance, such as turps, dust, tin soldering or other dirty mark on board.
      2. Check whether it lacks of electronic insulation gummed paper.
      3. Check whether it lacks of fittings, rust, rot heat elimination chassis.
      4. Check internal and external connector of LCD display , Two memory, DVD driver, Network connection, Voice, Mouse, Keyboard, Dial, USB, SD connector, PC,  3.3V COMS battery, Battery whether charge and discharge, Full running 3D, Restart system,and so on at least two times.

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