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MINIDRONES Parrot Rolling Spider Rolling Spider Flying WiFi Robot Toy for Smarphone Tablet
Fly and roll
Turn any place into a playground with Parrot’s MiniDrone Rolling Spider robot. Simply connect it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Bluetooth Smart technology, then take control using the FreeFlight 3 app. You’ll quickly have Rolling Spider weaving through the air and showing off its acrobatic moves.
Amazing acrobatics
With a click of your finger, Rolling Spider flips 360 degrees and with a simple swipe it can turn 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Take advantage of pre-programmed acrobatic moves in FreeFlight 3 to keep everyone entertained.
The agile, ultra-compact drone
Attach removable wheels to your Rolling Spider and get ready to roll it across the floor, up a wall or across the ceiling. The sky’s the limit.
Take a photo
Every 16 milliseconds the vertical camera takes pictures of a set point on the ground. It then compares each photo to the previous one in order to determine Rolling Spider’s speed.
  • Tactile, highly intuitive driving control thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology and the FreeFlight 3 app
  • First quadricopter to fly and roll on the ceiling
  • Indoors and outdoors, fly up to 18 km/h or 11 mph with one of the most stable quadricopters of this size
  • Flip it a full 360 degrees or use a simple swipe to turn 90 or 180 degrees
  • Easy piloting with the free FreeFlight 3 app; offers a control range of up to 20 metres/65 feet (also pilots MiniDrone Jumping Sumo)
  • An accelerometer and gyroscope inside the Rolling Spider measure and analyse its every movement
  • Automatic pilot mode corrects Rolling Spider’s angle and position
  • Take photos with the embedded, vertical mini-camera
  • Available in three colours (white, blue, red) and comes with a set of 12 stickers for customising
  • Removable Lithium-Polymer battery provides up to eight minutes of flying time (six minutes with wheels); also compatible with MiniDrone Jumping Sumo
  • Freefall take-of

Packing Content:

1*Rolling Spider

1*Li-poly Battery




Compatible with:
iOS, Andrond,Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1