Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 F12 2.4g 4 Axis Auto-return Camera Mini Rc Quadcopter Fighter Drone FPV Aerial Photography F08759


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Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 F12 2.4G 4-Axle Auto-Return Mini RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF




Only Model 2 Radio Controller optional.Any question,please message us together with order,Thanks.Default Model 2 Controller.

(Product do not include the AA Battery)

The GALAXY VISITOR 3 is a 2.4 GHz mini-quadrocopter of the latest generation.


The highly developed nine-axle gyro and stabilisation system is the key to the model’s extremely simple method of control and accurate response. The GALAXY VISITOR 3’s simple control system and good inherent stability make it an excellent choice for the beginner.

This quadrocopter’s agility level is user-variable, and this ensures that flying the GALAXY VISITOR 3 is never boring even for advanced pilots.


The model can also cope well with gentle breezes when flown outdoors. The GALAXY VISITOR 3 combines many advantages in one model, including small size, low weight and safe operation.



1.Compatible of conventional control mode and intelligent control mode (Patent application number:201310193041.2)
2.Throttle Three Settings: Entry-level Setting,Altitude Hold Setting and Normal Setting
3."Headless Flying" under intelligent control mode make it extremely easy for beginner to manage flying a R/C quadcopter
4."Auto-Return" function-the safety guard against lose control of aircraft
5.Brake function
6.Switch on/off of accelerometer
7.On board micro digital video/picture camera (optional)
8.Colorful LED navigation lights
9.Fashionable white and black appearance design
10.Build in Altitude sensor
11.Signal Loss Protection Function


Package Included:
1 x Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV Quadcopter with Camera
1 x JFN Transmitter
1 x Adapter
1 x Charger
1 x 3.7V 1200mah Lipo Battery
1 x 2GB SD card
1 x Card Reader
4 x Propeller
1 x Screw driver
9 x Screw
1 x Manual