Walkera QR X350Pro Fpv Drone+DEVO F12E + ILook Plus 1080P HD Camera,GPS One key go home, Compatible Gopro3 3+,PK dji Phantom 2


Walkera QR X350 Pro

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Walkera QR X350PRO  With DEVO F12E FPV radio&1080P HD Camera




FireBird Model  released Top version

QR X350Pro Drone
DEVO F12E FPV radio ,Equipped with 5 inch FPV LCD display
iLooK+ 13 million pixels 1080P Full HD Camera
G-3D Brushless Gimbal
The best solution for FPV, PK  dji Phantom 2
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All in the eyes of the world !!!

About the flight control:
Walkera QR X350Pro equipped with DEVO-M  flight control system, built-in GPS Positioning function and Height Sensor,These high-tech systems makes it smarter : 
1.If you feel  aircraft  fly too far, just press one button , it will return And in the original take off place Safe landing
2.If the aircraft is about to run out of power, It will  automatically return, landed safely 
3.If the aircraft lost control signal, it will automatically turn back and land safely
About the FPV:
Walkera  Compatible extension of some of the equipment, so that she has the best solution for FPV
1.  Compatible with iLooK/iLooK+ 1080P HD camera (optional) 
     Compatible with Gopro Hero 3 3+ 4 HD camera  (optional) 
2. Standard equipped with GPS positioning flight control system 
        Ultra-stable flight mode,Hover locatable , Aerial images easier 
3.  Compatible with G-3D brushless gimbal
        Professional multi-angle shooting video  ,Obtain a more stable image 
4. Come with DEVO-F12E FPV remote control
        you can Watch the video in real time when the quadrocopter are flying
        Remote distance 1500m 
        Image transmission distance  500 ~ 1000m 
Other Features: 
1. GPS positioning system, One key Go home
2. stable flight mode and limit flight mode, the player can switch as needed to get a completely different flying experience 
3. Powerful brushless motor, DEVO-M GPS flight control system, set all the parameters in the factory 
4. 8-inch self-tightening propeller 
5. Uncontrolled automatic return, safe landing 
6. Air fixed positioning 
8. Low-voltage protection, Control automatic return, safe landing
9. Optional shockproof gimbals, compatible with HD cameras Gropro 
10. High-capacity 3S 11.1V 5200mAh lithium battery, sustainable flight 20 to 25 minutes 
11. Normal remote distance 1000m,Maximum remote distance 2000m (subject to environmental impact) 
Brand Name:  Walkera
Item No.:  QR-X350PRO & F12E
Takeoff Weight: <1350g
 Motor (x4): Brushless Motor 
 Frequency: 2.4GHz
 Battery: 3S 11.1V 5200mAh
 Flight Time: around 20~25 minutes
 Charging Time: 120 minutes
 Transmitter: 2.4Ghz 12 channels
Image transmission : 5.8GHz


Silver ( Half FPV version, Does not include camera, only need a Gopro 2/3/3+ camera )

Can Watch the video in real time when the quadrocopter are flying
 1 x QR-X350PRO RC Quadcopter
 1 x DEVO F12E PFV Transmitter (Mode 1/2,  Remote distance 2000m )
 1 x G-3D brushless gimbal
 1 X GOPRO camera signal conversion cable 
 1 X TX 5803 Video signal transmitter 
 1 X Mushrooms antenna
 1 x 3S 11.1v 5200mAh Lipo Battery
 1 x Charger

Gold (Full FPV version Equipped with iLooK+ 1080P HD PFV Camera & G-2D Brushless Gimbal)
Can Watch the video in real time when the quadrocopter are flying
1 x QR-X350PRO RC Quadcopter
1 x DEVO F12E PFV Transmitter (Mode 2, Left hand throttle, Remote distance 2000m )
1 x G-3D brushless gimbal
1 x iLooK+ 1080P Full HD FPV camera
 ( image 13 million pixels / video 1920*1080 HD 30FPS /170 degree wide angle/ 5.8Ghz image transmission)
1 x 3S 11.1v 5200mAh Lipo Battery
1 x Charger
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